• Vision Council consisting of nine elected members and both pastors serve as "Keeper of the Vision."  As such, the Vision Council oversees the work of three Leadership Teams which mirror our Mission Statement and represent a second area of opportunity for lay members.  Experiencing God, Reaching Out, and Nurturing Faith teams offer recommendations that concern the congregation-at-large.  Approval of the team recommendations are acted upon by the Vision Council.
    • The Leadership Teams, each composed of six to eight members, function independently, yet work very closely with one another as they seek to fulfill the vision and mission of the church.  Each team has special sub-committees to which they offer advice and support.  These sub-committees form to solve specific challenges and goals and dissolve as those goals are met.
                                  Experiencing God Leadership Team (EGLT)
                                  Reaching Out Leadership Team (ROLT)
                                  Nurturing Faith Leadership Team (NFLT)
  • Resource Development Team is the third area of our lay-leadership.  The team is composed of our two pastors and representatives from the Vision Council and all committees that impact the financial, property, and personnel concerns of the church.  Its purpose is to advise and suggest funding options for proposals brought to the team and assist in maintaining a strong financial foundation for the programs of the church.
The strength of this organizational structure lies in the varied experiences and talents brought to the teams and committees by a committed and willing laity.  The success of this congregation and the fulfillment of its mission rests in the hands and hearts of many.
For more information or for volunteer opportunities please contact us at 218-525-1922.
We are located at 1325 N. 45th Ave. E. Duluth, MN  55804  (corner of 45th Ave. E. and Colorado St.)  Map it!.