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Honduras Ministry

Prayer's at La Canada October 2014

Prayer's at La Canada


The Holy Spirit is leading this ministry in exciting ways!  Your gifts and strengths can be used. Lay leadership, the opportunity to work with children, and basic health education are all especially important in our partnership with the Lutheran Church in Honduras.  Our teams travel to Honduras twice a year, usually in May and October.  
Cost for the week-long trip is approximately $1,500 per person. Pre-trip gatherings prepare the team for this profound ministry. Ongoing support in any amount for this partnership would be a wonderful mission project for congregation
For more information, please contact Pastor Dave Mesner at 218-525-1922 or dmesner@lcgsduluth.org.
The following is an excerpt from Pastor Dave's Letter to the congregation following the May 2014 trip. Read the full text in our July Newsletter found under the News & Happenings tab.
 “We reach out locally and globally . . .”
Our mission statement throws us out beyond our walls to love our neighbors, whether they live in Duluth or Honduras! On our recent trip to Honduras it was clear to me that we were harvesting years of walking together in a shared mission...


All of us were moved deeply to spend time with the  beautiful children at the Dr. Martin Lutero Kindergarten in La Canada, then to be hosted by the kindergarten teacher in her home and in visits of prayer, healing and Holy Communion to residents of the community. The Book of Acts is happening today!


“We have a history!” Pastor Martin Giron affirmed the powerful ministry of accompaniment that has emerged in a decade of partnership between our Synod and the Lutheran Church in Honduras. He reaffirmed that the highest priority of his church is the spiritual training and formation of their leaders and members. We are eager to continue that ministry together when we return in October for a workshop on Baptism and Holy Communion in the Gospel of John. 


 Thanks be to God for the love of Christ that reaches us locally and globally!


                              —Pastor Dave




Young Adults in Global Missions
The ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program invites you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself in a one year international mission service and learning opportunity.  As you offer yourself in service, you will also learn more about yourself, your relationship with God, and your place in God's world.  You will make friendships across culture and language that will change the way you look at the world.  You will be a part of a group of young adults who are open to being transformed by your experiences, equipping you upon return to provide a global perspective on issues facing the church and society.

As this is a program of the ELCA for developing servant leaders, they ask that you have a relationship to the ELCA, are between the ages of 19-29, willing to receive the gifts of others as well as to share your gifts, participate in an intentional process of service and learning, and live at a subsistence level to help meet needs worldwide.  You will welcome the opportunity to gain new perspectives on life and work and to build relationships across culture, race, language and faith.  Through your experiences, you will witness to your faith by the demonstration of the love of Jesus Christ in all relationships, a faith active in love, learning and service.

For more information please contact us at 218-525-1922.
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