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We are a community of Christ!


                 Jesus’ final prayer for his disciples and us is “that they may all be one (John 17:21).” But how is this unity possible? We must go deeper than our ethnic background, school affiliation, or even the community in which we live. We must go deep enough to find our center in Christ. Two current examples come to mind.



“El cuerpo de Cristo!” (“The body of Christ!”)

I was excited to meet our guests from Honduras Pastor Rolando Martinez, Gloria Rodriguez, Betsy Vargas and Luis Alfredo Matute when they arrived at the MSP airport. As we were driving north we stopped for lunch and a planning conversation at Caribou Coffee in Elk River. As we discussed the details of their visit, each of them began to spontaneously share what it meant for them to be here and to experience our partnership. That coffee shop became holy ground through the spiritual depth of their words. Pastor Rolando shared that despite differences in language, culture and economy, we celebrate our unity in “el cuerpo de Cristo!” these words from the Holy Communion liturgy also describe our unity in Scripture, Baptism, and Worship. I’m sure that all of you who met them in worship, conversation, the workshop or meals together felt this affirmation:

we are one!



“Listening to the word of God in Scripture”

These words describe how Lutherans and Catholics have been able to overcome the condemnations of the past and experience a powerful consensus on Luther, the Reformation and the doctrine of justification. The divisions in the church have been very deep, touching all of us in some way. But the ecumenical consensus of the last 50 years goes even deeper, to our unity in Christ.

This month we have the opportunity to celebrate the unity of Lutherans and Catholics in a stunning way. Once again we will be collaborating with the Sisters of Saint Scholastica Monastery to bring

The Saint John’s Bible to Duluth. On September 19-21 we will be co-sponsoring “A Journey of Renewal with The Saint John’s Bible

: From Conflict to Communion.” Our prayer is that through the presentations, teaching, worship and conversations, we would experience “that they may all be one!” Please take advantage of this amazing opportunity!



Yours in Christ,

Pastor Dave

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